30 years of dance

From pioneers in warehouses to worldwide popularity: VPRO present a three-fold documentary on the history of 30 Years of Dutch Dance, in collaboration with Mary Go Wild.

The three-fold documentary 30 Years of Dutch Dance investigates three decades of electronic dance music culture in The Netherlands. The series is swirling like an adventure book, packed with tasty anecdotes, and a visual feast. With eyewitness reports and rare footage from our archives.

30 Years of Dutch Dance is a first-hand account by the main characters from our rich Dutch dance history. Featuring pioneers such as Eddy de Clercq, Joost van Bellen and Paul Elstak to some of the most successful entrepreneurs like Duncan Stutterheim (ID&T) and Wouter Tavecchio (Q Dance). And from the keepers of the underground culture to the megastars that rose after the turn of the millennium, like Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Hardwell.


ADE 2018 was fantastic. Be proud to be part of the people who are the pioneers of 30 years of dutch dance, and become with our country leading in the world with our best export product, house music, the dutch leading dj's and his big industry.


It was 1987 that I have embrace house music and felt in love with that specific pumping sound, Altough I already produce at the age of 14 music with my Comodore 64 computer,but it was the summer of love in 1988 that point me to the direction of house music as an entrepeneur and producer.


With my friends we had a blast and magical time at ADE 2018, with a lot of fun and creating friends for life and for the love of music.


First Impression records, Streamin Music, Dutch DJ Booking & Amsterdam Inc Events became the fabulous 4. We operate as speakers on ADE Pro conference panels.


It was an hell of a ride, but we did it with much love and pleasure.


Thanks  Legend Robin Albers ( DJ Jaydee, founder & owner First Impression Records) ), Mevin Jacobs(owner streamin music), Bas van Weert ( financial director, Dutch DJ booking, Streamin music, First impression records )

Marcel Bakker ( DJ Marcello), Martijn van Dalen ( DJ/Producer Buurman van Dalen) and Rene van der Weijde (DJ/Poducer TFX and Dave Leatherman)


Till we meet again @ ADE 2019


With love,


Ramon Ricardo Bohr


Extra information:

Plastic Dreams is produced by Robin 'Jaydee' Albers

Waterfall by Atantic Ocean is produced by Rene van der Weijde and Lex van Coevorden