BoAZ and BoHR

BoAZ and BoHR are  creative producers who are producing in several different styles. Boaz is multi talented with producing and as an vocalist. Although Boaz is native dutch. He often sings in suriname slang. Bohr is for more then 25 years active in the music scene. Now as founder of Amsterdamincevents, and as a producer. They are mentored by Robin “Jaydee” Albers. On his label Streamin Music and First Impression they will release some nice tracks.

Their latest dutch urban track “Baas van de Straat” is finished and ready to be released.

They combine their both strenghts and lift each other to great hights.

These upcoming months they wil drop several tracks in several styles. 


Deephouse | Dancehall | Urban | Trap | Dubstep | Techhouse | House


BoAZ and BoHR (c) 2017